Invisible – Single (Listen) (Watch)

My first single is a song about my experiences with mental illness and the struggle to get support, released to raise awareness, with all proceeds going to YoungMinds.

Honest – EP (Listen) (Watch) (Buy CD)

This EP is essentially a short story, a short story about my experiences with mental health up until now. It’s been difficult and excruciating and frustrating and lonely, but it started getting better when I started writing about it and talking about it, even if it just meant I wasn’t keeping it tightly sealed inside myself. I’ve worked hard to get myself into a better place but I don’t know if the ground will ever truly settle, if I’ll dig up all the landmines. We all have our struggles, our fears, our ghosts but maybe being honest is the first step, whoever it may be with.

‘Bad Night’ was played on BBC Introducing South.

‘Clarity’ was chosen as BBC Sussex & BBC Surrey’s BBC Introducing Track of the Day and played on Sarah Gorrell’s Drivetime show, The Brighton Beat on RadioReverb, and Hoxton Radio as part of Get In Her Ears’ Ones To Watch 2020.

“Lauren is honest, and not afraid to express the darker sides of life through music.” – Indigo Eve on ‘Bad Night’ (x)

“The EP starts off with a song called ‘Bad Night’ which seems to be an ode to her strength. The song has a driving hook, and is almost dream-like.” – Bitter Lip Media on ‘Bad Night’ (x)

“Lauren is a rising star, her music shows true artistry. Clarity has all the facets of a modern gem.” – Lefuturewave on ‘Clarity’ (x)

“Lauren Alex Hooper has an AMAZING vocal sound! Not the run of the mill female voice, the sound is beautiful and unique. Her single ‘Clarity’ demonstrates her talent and her voice is full of emotion.” – Music Injection on ‘Clarity (x)

“As the EP progresses, it moves into an almost Evanescence-like song called ‘Clarity’ that plays with a raw vulnerability and longing, paired with synth sounds and an overdriven guitar. ‘Clarity’ is perhaps Hooper’s most relatable track, through both its lyrics and melody, which feel both familiar and foreign at the same time, as if Hooper is writing about us as well.” – Bitter Lip Media on ‘Clarity’ (x)

“Lauren brings a vulnerability to the table and shows us what it’s like to see light among the dark. Sounds Like Hope is a fitting release for our current times, delicately offering empathy and comfort to others.” – Indigo Eve on ‘Sounds Like Hope’ (x)

“The singer-songwriter always delivers art.” – Lefuturewave on ‘Sounds Like Hope’ (x)

“‘Sounds Like Hope’ may be the most emotional track on the EP, starting off with a resonant guitar and eventually blending into her peaceful vocal. After the turbulent emotions portrayed in the first two tracks, this one may bring you to tears. Again, Hooper’s relatable lyrics may bring you some solace, as she seemingly narrates our own experiences and helps us come to terms with reality.” – Bitter Lip Media on ‘Sounds Like Hope’ (x)

“The song features catchy pop melodies, stellar vocals, memorable hooks, and cool rhythms. Lauren’s lyrics are unique. She writes with flair. Every line tells its own story… The singer-songwriter continues to deliver good music. She creates worlds.” – Lefuturewave on ‘Back To Life’ (x)

“‘Back To Life’ completes this journey that the EP takes us through, the upbeat hopeful sound of this track is perhaps what makes this whole story of Honest that much more convincing.” – Bitter Lip Media on ‘Back To Life’ (x)

“Channeling a rich and textured nods to the 90s alt-pop sound, ‘Honest’ makes for a wonderfully fresh and vibrant return. Filled with sweeping tones, subtle eccentricities, and her own stunning vocals at the helm, this new offering is just what we need to brighten these ever darkening days.” – Mystic Sons on ‘Honest’ (x)

“After the success of her debut single “Invisible”, of which all proceeds were donated to the mental health charity Young Minds, Lauren Alex Hooper has worked with a variety of producers to cement her hauntingly beautiful sound. Effortlessly combining emotionally authentic lyrics with upbeat pop instrumentation Lauren Alex Hooper has created a collection of songs that effectively conveys the intricacies of life itself.” – FLEX on ‘Honest’ (x)

“Pairing together strikingly unguarded and personal lyrics with upbeat pop instrumentation, Lauren Alex Hooper showcases why she is one to watch on ‘Honest.'” – PRESSPARTY on ‘Honest’ (x)

“Showcasing her talent for songwriting, Lauren draws you into the song’s narrative through her candid and personal lyricism. Alongside this is a vibrant soundscape that blends together elements from a range of genres – from pop to indie to soft-rock. With an intricate soft-rock beat, this is accompanied by gentle guitar instrumentals, vibrant pop melodies and subtle dream-like synths. Above this all are Lauren’s enchanting vocals that delicately intertwine with the dynamic soundscape.” – IHOUSEU on ‘Honest’ (x)

“Her voice is an instrument unto itself, with the ability to weave a tale with all of the right phrasing and delicacy. Lyrically, she displays the mark of an old soul, with depth that typically comes from many more years on this earth. The 5 track EP moves effortlessly from uptempo pop arrangements to delicate and heart warming minimalistic songs.” – RobsRawMusic on the Honest EP (x)

“Lauren Alex Hooper has achieved a milestone when it comes to full-circle storytelling, and we can’t wait to hear more from her!” – Bitter Lip Media on the Honest EP (x)

Honest (The Sunburst Sessions) – EP (Listen) (Watch)

Acoustic versions of the Honest EP tracks, available on YouTube, Spotify, and on the limited run of Honest EP physical copies.