‘Bad Night’ – Out Now!


I’ve been waiting to release this song for so long that it’s oddly surreal to have it out in the world. I wrote it, with the help of @richardmarcmusic, after a particularly difficult night where I just felt completely overwhelmed by my depression. I felt like it was never going to get better. So I do what I always do and wrote a song about it. And eventually it turned into this. Even though it’s a difficult song, I hope you like it and I hope it makes you feel something.

This ⁣is the first single of the ‘Honest’ EP and there is so much more exciting stuff coming your way!

Please, please, please buy/stream it. It would mean the world to me and all the wonderful people who’ve worked on it. You can find it here: https://ffm.to/bad-night-lah

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