Hi! Hello! Welcome to my bio…

Words have always been my thing. I’m fascinated by them, by the way they make intangible things tangible, unfathomable things fathomable. The world is big and scary but words can make it better, even if it’s just a little bit.

I found songwriting kind of by accident (I thought I wanted to write novels) and then, suddenly, it was everything to me. Now I’m writing songs that fall somewhere between singersongwriter and pop, although genre has never been something I’ve focussed on. I’m just trying to write songs that mean something, to me and hopefully to you.

I can’t promise to be perfect. I can’t promise to post reliably, to always be positive, to fulfil every commitment I make. I’m human, and I’m a human with mental health issues. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I’m Autistic. I have good days, and bad days, and really bad days, but I’m trying. I am trying my best.

My first single is out and I’m currently working on where to go next. Exciting things are coming. That I can promise.

See you soon,

Lauren Alex Hooper