So, if you guys are superfans (something I would love you for), you’ll have noticed that I haven’t been updating my website. There was a problem with an update but it’s all sorted so I can update you on all that’s been happening!

  1. The ‘Bad Night’ music video came out!
  2. My University, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, interviewed me.
  3. I posted a Behind The Song for ‘Bad Night,’ explaining the inspiration, writing, and production process.
  4. I released the second single, ‘Clarity’!
  5. ‘Clarity’ was chosen as BBC Introducing in the South’s Track of the Day!
  6. The ‘Clarity’ music video came out!
  7. ‘Clarity’ has been played on multiple radio shows and added to multiple playlists.
  8. I’ve played several shows.

So it’s been a busy few months! From now on I’ll be able to update you guys more frequently on the hopefully exciting things to come.

‘Bad Night’ – Out Now!


I’ve been waiting to release this song for so long that it’s oddly surreal to have it out in the world. I wrote it, with the help of @richardmarcmusic, after a particularly difficult night where I just felt completely overwhelmed by my depression. I felt like it was never going to get better. So I do what I always do and wrote a song about it. And eventually it turned into this. Even though it’s a difficult song, I hope you like it and I hope it makes you feel something.

This ⁣is the first single of the ‘Honest’ EP and there is so much more exciting stuff coming your way!

Please, please, please buy/stream it. It would mean the world to me and all the wonderful people who’ve worked on it. You can find it here: https://ffm.to/bad-night-lah

The ‘Honest’ EP – Coming Soon!

And here is my big announcement!⁣

Over the next nine months, I will be releasing an EP of five songs. I’ve been waiting to release new music for so long and I’m so emotional about you guys finally hearing these songs. The EP is called ‘Honest’, and I’ve been working with some fantastic people for a long time on these songs so I’m really excited to finally let them find their place in the world. ⁣

Keep an eye out because I’ll be sharing more details of the first track next week.⁣


This EP is essentially a short story, a short story about my experiences with mental health up until now. It’s been difficult and excruciating and frustrating and lonely, but it started getting better when I started writing about it and talking about it, even if it just meant I wasn’t keeping it tightly sealed inside myself. I’ve worked hard to get myself into a better place but I don’t know if the ground will ever truly settle, if I’ll dig up all the landmines. We all have our struggles, our fears, our ghosts but maybe being honest is the first step, whoever it may be with.

Invisible Music Video – Out Now!

And the ‘Invisible’ music video is out! This time last year, I put this very special single out and although I’d planned to put the video out straight away, life and mental health got in the way. But now it’s Mental Health Awareness Week again and I thought it was time this video saw the light of day. I hope you like it.

Invisible – Out Now!

And my first single is out! This is ‘Invisible,’ a song I wrote (with the help of the wonderful Richard Sanderson) about my experiences with mental illness and to raise some awareness about how difficult it can be to get support. This song is so personal and so special to me and I can’t wait to see where it goes. All of the proceeds are going to Young Minds so please buy/stream/share/all three! You can find it here!